Thursday, June 16, 2011


Byron Coley is a man of refined taste. A book of his early writings was recently released, and if you've read yer share of 'Forced Exposure', you'd know he was one of the few scribes able to pluck the manic 'tude of Richard Meltzer and make it both wildly entertaining and readable. Here is what he had to say about the Wonderfuls 7" in the July issue of THE WIRE:

Great debut single by an excellent Brisbane duo. The sounds range from toasted acoustic tunes to raunchy, effects driven riff-rock of a very shabby nature. their vocals sound drunk as hell, alternately filled with snot and utterly lost. The songs have enough pop structure to hold together, and the results are goddamn inspired.

Also, a reviewer by R.S. Woodbe of Siltblog, another folk who knows what he is talking about:

There's been this fanzine what's sprung up down to Australia called Negative Guest List & it's got lot's of crows crowin. Which is a good thing. 'Cept I am a sad fuckin sap & ain't even seen an issue. Ever! The feller what's behind it, Mr. Brendan Somethinorother, seems like a straight shooter though, so's here's hopin such a glarin oversight is rectified soon. But then before I's could even get a gander at page one he's gone & released a 7", usin the street cred of the NGL name as collateral. Hmmmm, now where have I come across this business model before?
Anyways, the Wonderfuls s/t 7" is a humdinger & a half. Purported to be the work of 2 cousins-one's of which is mentally unstable (LOOK WHO'S TALKING?-Capt'n Siltbreeze)-these 4 tracks rank this hoss high amongst the recent Aussie imports. It has a deliciously skewered crackle that recalls 4 different bands what was citizens within the Terse Tapes universe 1 million art-noise punk years ago. I mean listen to it! At any given time they could be Holiday Fun, East End Butchers, Agent Orange, Pastel Bats, Invisible Boys, Wet Taxis, Lazio Toth, Lunatic Fringe, Mice Against God, Pissy Relay Switches, Mesh & Disneyland but never Bathroom Beans, Art Throbs, Mindless Delta Children, Junk Logic, Painkillers, Saxaphone Caper, Zzzzzzzzz, The Klu, Negative Reaction, Laughing Hands, JP Sartre Band or Disneyland. It's a slippery slope, you know? But The Wonderfuls sound like they's squiggle is just right. Let's hear more! Long may they swish.


Alex Simon of Ratcharge fanzine designed the print for our first NGL records T-shirt. "Black ink on white cloth, featuring tasteful cartoon rendering of Caligula getting on the piss w/ Nosferatu. As modeled by Tyler, the Creator at a recent stage performance in Brisbane. Shirts are unusually large to cater to a predominantly black fanbase"

There were 15 of these made. Cost is $AU25+ postage.

Second T-shirt design & potential record label logo is being designed by Troy Hanson AKA: THE JAGUAR.



                   SLUG GUTS 'Livin' Evil' LP


'Livin' Evil' finds Slug Guts- Brisbane's finest exports of contemporary adult swamp rock- at a middle ground between the first LP 'Down on the Meat' (Killdozer, Venom P. Stinger, Birthday Party), its follow up and rapid departure 'Howin' Gang' (The Triffids, Inca Babies, Bauhaus), and a future not yet determined. Recorded live at the Globe Theatre late 2010, 'Livin' Evil' contains mostly new tracks from the group's upcoming third LP, as well as a cover of Lubricated Goat's “In the Raw”: the urban hammerhead menace of the original replaced w/ dying cockroach vocals & grubby free jazz yalpin's.

SLUG GUTS 'Livin Evil' live LP

a . Glory Holes
. Black Sports
. Howlin'
. Chrome Crucifix
. Still Waitin' Around

b . Mud Town
. Creepin' Out
. Startin' To Whine
. Skin Problems
. In the Raw

AUS: $27PPD (Mailorder only available for Australian buyers. Internationals scope Goner Records). Paypal