Monday, July 25, 2011



Hello again. Issue twenty-eight of the mag is available as of today. In this issue, scope interviews w/ Mike Hudson of the Pagans, Frank Mauceri of Smog Veil Records, chartruese Haley Fohr of Circuit Des Yeux and Washington guitar heroes Milk Music. Don't forget to check out the tributes to Desiree West and Desiree Costeau, and the record reviews and editorial section that you have grown to expect.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

SLUG GUTS 'Livin Evil' Tour

SLUG GUT'S 'Livin' Evil' tour of Australia starts today in the fair city of Sydney. Playing w/ them is Low Life, Whores and Ruined Fortune, who- if I'm reading the below poster correctly- feature members of Circle Pit. After that that is a stand-off against Melbourne city w/ Tax and Repairs, followed by a stopover in Adeleide to play alongside the almighty Grong Grong, before making it back to Brisbane August 6th. If you live in any of these cities I highly recommend checking them, and picking up a copy of the record while you're at it. I'm out of my copies, and I can assure you it is a hoot.


22/7/11- Slug Guts at Blackwire Records w/ Low Life, Whores, Ruined Fortune
23/7/11- Slug Guts at The Worker's Club w/ Tax, Repairs, UV Race, True Radical Miracle
24/7/11- Slug Guts at Metro w/ Grong Grong, Vaginors, Friends
06/8/11- Slug Guts at Step Inn w/ HITS!, Blank Realm, Keep on Dancin's (plus Feathers an NGL DJ's)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


New issue available now:


Interviews w/ Thomas Jefferson Slave Apts.
Dave Laing/Dog Meat Records
Sea Scouts
Country Teasers
Psychedelic Horseshit and more

plus 'Songs of Negativity V' CDr w/ exclusive tracks by
Cured Pink
Golden Error
Actual Holes
Vaginabillies and more


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NGL27 + CD + 7'' "package" deal - $15.00PPD (AUS ONLY)

Choose from
NGL007: Wonderfuls - s/t 7''
NGL011: Hatefuck 'Rock 'n' Roll Let Down 7''EP
NGL015: Blank Realm 'Hey! Little Child' Jukebx cover single
NGL017: Eagle Boys 'Kambalda Boys' 7''EP

Sunday, July 17, 2011


BLANK REALM 'Hey! Little Child' 7” (SOLD OUT)


Blank Realm have been setting hearts aflutter in Brisbane and beyond (including, most recently, the United States) for the better part of the last decade. Over two LP's and a gaggle of small run CDr and tape releases, this rabid family unit have blurred the lines between spoiled Krautrock, FM channel-surfing and psychedelic shrubbery. Their first release on NGL is also the first in a series of Negative Guest List 'Jukebox Singles', where artist's are invited to take a song that has been pre-written by another and attempt to transcend the meaning of the word “cover”, the only guidelines being that it should be fit to cut at 45RPM's. Here, the Spencer's (and a Walsh!) add a blazed psychedandy vibe to Alex Chilton's orgiastic “Hey! Little Chid”, taken from his classic 'Like Flies On Sherbert' LP. If this is your first taste of BR it will surely only leave you wanting more, and for the old fans here is your chance to be satiated in hearing the only tune this band has covered on stage immortalised to wax. Get a gobfull.

BLANK REALM 'Hey! Little Child' Jukebox 7”

A. “Hey! Little Child” (A. Chilton)

SOLD OUT FROM ME: Try your luck at Fusteron, Goner, Volcanic Tongue or Google.

TJSA 'Burning Trash' 7”


Two unreleased tracks from Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, taken from a '95 demo (possibly funded by Dinosaur Mahaffey) that mostly featured tracks which would later appear on their second LP ''Straight to Video'. B-side “Price of My Words” is described by Ron as an eggy version of “Lightnin' Rod” from said record, while A-side is a woozy, entirely new, old hit sure to give you a hangover tomorrow.


a. Burning Trash

b. Price of My Words

EAGLE BOYS 'Kambalda Boys' 7”


The Eagle Boys were a foursome who had gathered from all corners of the globe (including two from Western Australia) to play a type of rock based music vaguely reminiscent of 76'ers like Wire, the Saints and X. They were based in London and played a handful of shows to few. Fans of modern Australian imports like Bits of Shit or Eddy Current Suppression Ring might find something to like here. Named for a notoriously bland national pizza chain (“tinned bomb shelter vegetables, powdered-dust bases, Carlingroyals20innitcheesesemenscrape, OAP skin-fold oil and frozen pie meat”)- or more likely, the Kambalda Australian football club- the Eagle Boys were and remain a truly great band that went well under the radar in their short tenure, and this EP-mastered by Iron Maiden's recording engineer- serves as a reminder that if you ain't heard of it, it must be good.

EAGLE BOYS 'Kambalda Boys' 7”EP

a. Kambalda

b: 1. Taking Stock
2. Armadale Dance

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

BACK ISSUES (still available)

1-7: “Year of the Rat'
#1: Der TPK, Hospitals, Castings, DAIS Records, France.

#2: Clockcleaner, Ooga Boogas, Stickmen with Ray Guns. Ratas del Vaticano, Naked on the Vague.

#3: 'Flip Out 2009': Hatefuck, UV Race, Super Wild Horses, Native Cats, Royal Headache.

#4: Kitchen's Floor, Blank Realm, Ghosts of Television, Cured Pink Radio, Marl Carx, Sabbatical Records.

#5: Rusted Shut, Eat Skull, Septic Surge/Trapdoor Tapes, Johnny Corndawg, XNoBBQX.

#6: Fabulous Diamonds, Outer Spacist, The Stabs.

#7: 2009 Year End Issue; Icky Boyfriends, Home Blitz, Puffy Areolas, Tough Troubles.

8-20: “Year of the Ape”
#8: Guinea Worms, ZOND, Electric Bunnies.

#9: Cold Sun, Absoluten Calfeutrail, Black Metal, Newcastle punk zines.

#10: Breaker Morant, FNU Ronnies, The Throb, Meercaz, Taco Leg, Jay Reatard, Leaf Leaf.

#11: Purling Hiss, Elks, The Mansons, Lost Animal, Acid Casualty, Lady Gaga.

#13: Doc Dart, The Wild Gunmen, Wasted Truth.

#14: Slug Guts, Whores, The Chinese Restaurants, Lars Von Trier, 'Xavier: Renegade Angel'.

#15: Grong Grong, The Blue Heelers, Kitchen's Floor tour diary, Steve's Movie Reviews.

#16: 'Men Who Release Records': Siltbreeze, De Stijl, Richie/Testostertunes, Columbus Discount Recordings.

#17: Don Howland/Bassholes, Unwanted Christmas Presents, Southern Comfort, Hunter Thompson.

#18: Lost Domain, The Axemen, Tractor Sex Fatality, The Rolling Stones, Justice Yeldham, Bruce Springsteen.

#19: Cheater Slicks, Cows, Killdozer, Todd Solondz, Kurt Vile, Circle Pit.

#20: 2010 Year End Issue: Flipper, The Icky Boyfriends 'Budget Rock' reunion, Fleece Reynolds.

21- “Year of the Prawn and newt”
#21: Butthole Surfers, Low Life, Pheromoans, Snake Apt, Call Back the Giants, Robert Crutcfhfield.

#22: Nudge Squidfish, Cheetah Chrome, Smog Veil Records, Death in June, 'Songs of Negativity IV' CDEP

#23: Giuseppe Andrews, Tesco Vee, No Trend, TV Freak, Difference Between Love and Sex & The Review Ranch.

#24: 'The Negative Lens': Buddy Giovinazzo, 'Snitch'd'.

#25: Browning Mummery, My Mind's Eye Records, John Olson, Pictish Blood, live reviews.

#26: 'Deadbeat at Dawn', Nailed Down, The Yuppies/VD Fex, film reviews, editorial, K-Holes, The Art Thieves.

#27: Country Teasers, feedtime, Sea Scouts, Dog Meat Recs, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apts, Psychedelic Horseshit.