Saturday, July 2, 2011

BACK ISSUES (still available)

1-7: “Year of the Rat'
#1: Der TPK, Hospitals, Castings, DAIS Records, France.

#2: Clockcleaner, Ooga Boogas, Stickmen with Ray Guns. Ratas del Vaticano, Naked on the Vague.

#3: 'Flip Out 2009': Hatefuck, UV Race, Super Wild Horses, Native Cats, Royal Headache.

#4: Kitchen's Floor, Blank Realm, Ghosts of Television, Cured Pink Radio, Marl Carx, Sabbatical Records.

#5: Rusted Shut, Eat Skull, Septic Surge/Trapdoor Tapes, Johnny Corndawg, XNoBBQX.

#6: Fabulous Diamonds, Outer Spacist, The Stabs.

#7: 2009 Year End Issue; Icky Boyfriends, Home Blitz, Puffy Areolas, Tough Troubles.

8-20: “Year of the Ape”
#8: Guinea Worms, ZOND, Electric Bunnies.

#9: Cold Sun, Absoluten Calfeutrail, Black Metal, Newcastle punk zines.

#10: Breaker Morant, FNU Ronnies, The Throb, Meercaz, Taco Leg, Jay Reatard, Leaf Leaf.

#11: Purling Hiss, Elks, The Mansons, Lost Animal, Acid Casualty, Lady Gaga.

#13: Doc Dart, The Wild Gunmen, Wasted Truth.

#14: Slug Guts, Whores, The Chinese Restaurants, Lars Von Trier, 'Xavier: Renegade Angel'.

#15: Grong Grong, The Blue Heelers, Kitchen's Floor tour diary, Steve's Movie Reviews.

#16: 'Men Who Release Records': Siltbreeze, De Stijl, Richie/Testostertunes, Columbus Discount Recordings.

#17: Don Howland/Bassholes, Unwanted Christmas Presents, Southern Comfort, Hunter Thompson.

#18: Lost Domain, The Axemen, Tractor Sex Fatality, The Rolling Stones, Justice Yeldham, Bruce Springsteen.

#19: Cheater Slicks, Cows, Killdozer, Todd Solondz, Kurt Vile, Circle Pit.

#20: 2010 Year End Issue: Flipper, The Icky Boyfriends 'Budget Rock' reunion, Fleece Reynolds.

21- “Year of the Prawn and newt”
#21: Butthole Surfers, Low Life, Pheromoans, Snake Apt, Call Back the Giants, Robert Crutcfhfield.

#22: Nudge Squidfish, Cheetah Chrome, Smog Veil Records, Death in June, 'Songs of Negativity IV' CDEP

#23: Giuseppe Andrews, Tesco Vee, No Trend, TV Freak, Difference Between Love and Sex & The Review Ranch.

#24: 'The Negative Lens': Buddy Giovinazzo, 'Snitch'd'.

#25: Browning Mummery, My Mind's Eye Records, John Olson, Pictish Blood, live reviews.

#26: 'Deadbeat at Dawn', Nailed Down, The Yuppies/VD Fex, film reviews, editorial, K-Holes, The Art Thieves.

#27: Country Teasers, feedtime, Sea Scouts, Dog Meat Recs, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apts, Psychedelic Horseshit.

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