Thursday, July 21, 2011

SLUG GUTS 'Livin Evil' Tour

SLUG GUT'S 'Livin' Evil' tour of Australia starts today in the fair city of Sydney. Playing w/ them is Low Life, Whores and Ruined Fortune, who- if I'm reading the below poster correctly- feature members of Circle Pit. After that that is a stand-off against Melbourne city w/ Tax and Repairs, followed by a stopover in Adeleide to play alongside the almighty Grong Grong, before making it back to Brisbane August 6th. If you live in any of these cities I highly recommend checking them, and picking up a copy of the record while you're at it. I'm out of my copies, and I can assure you it is a hoot.


22/7/11- Slug Guts at Blackwire Records w/ Low Life, Whores, Ruined Fortune
23/7/11- Slug Guts at The Worker's Club w/ Tax, Repairs, UV Race, True Radical Miracle
24/7/11- Slug Guts at Metro w/ Grong Grong, Vaginors, Friends
06/8/11- Slug Guts at Step Inn w/ HITS!, Blank Realm, Keep on Dancin's (plus Feathers an NGL DJ's)

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