Monday, May 16, 2011

HATEFUCK "Rock and Roll Let Down" 7"EP Now Available

          HATEFUCK 'Rock 'N' Roll Let Down' 7”


First official release from Hatefuck, wherein lies an embryonic Pink Reason. The Hatefuck crew (HFK) existed in the early 2000's, their legacy left in a number of legendary live shows and a handful of demo recordings, from which these tracks were decalcified. 'Rock 'N' Roll Let Down' contains three cuts of amphetamine hardcore. A side “When Time Takes Over” is a long rock-based tune that necessitated the 33RPM run time speed. The flip offers three faster cuts, from the high octane punk of “HWY 10” to the Stoogoid rumble of “Little Girls Make the World Go Round” .

A fourth Hatefuck track “Well Dressed Man”, is also available on the 'Wings Over Gabba: The Best in Songs of Negativity' comp LP.

HATEFUCK 'Rock and Roll Let Down' 7”EP

a . When Time Takes Over

b . HWY 10
   . Lil' Girls Make the World Go Round
   . The Real Rock 'n' Roll Let Down

330 copies pressed.
Prices: AUS $AU11

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