Friday, September 23, 2011


 Hello mate. LOW LIFE 'Sydney Darbs' 7", DeGREASER 'Bottom Feeder' LP and LOST DOMAIN 'Blondes Chew More Gum' 2xLP will be available in the USA early next week, and Australia in a fortnight. Prices for AUS orders are:

7": $13PPD (AUS)
LP: $23PPD (Brisbane, $15+ postage elsewhere)
2xLP: $33PPD (Brisbane, $25+ postage elsewhere)

7" + LP: $33
7" + 2xLP: $43
7" + LP + 2xLP: $60
LP + 2xLP: $50
Once again, please paypal dirtyalley@msn . com
For orders over $50, send to negativeguestlistrecords@hotmail .com

Coming to you later this year we have the BLANK REALM 'Falling Down the Stairs' 7", WATERY LOVE's thumping and sick 'Two Thrills' 7", the second NGL Jukebox Single c/o New South Wale's 3 TOED SLOTH, a companion piece to 'Blondes..' in THE LOST DOMAIN 'Drunken Sailor' 7" & an AXEMEN Australian tour 7" (split w/ Sleek Bott)

NGL: POLKA BEFORE THE APOCALYPSE label showcase will be held in Brisbane town Dec 10 & 11. Venue is still undetermined for the 10th; please get in touch if you can help out. The two day event will feature such fine acts as AXEMEN, MAD NANA, 3 TOED SLOTH, KITCHEN'S FLOOR, BLANK REALM, XNOBBQX, EXILES FROM CLOWNTOWN, MEAT THUMP, WONDERFULS, REUNION SACRED IBIS & MORE, bands & artists who have our utmost support. It is sure to be the most fun you will have that weekend. AXEMEN will be selling shirts & have a grip of Siltbreeze vinyl for sale, dig the pic above for a visual reference. Surely I don't need to tell you that 'Three Virgins' is an essential purchase for any casual goober or refined record-eater?!

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