Monday, December 5, 2011

And don't forget...Introduing...THE NUTCRACKER SUITE + Roland S. Woodbe reviews

As you well know New Zealand's coffee wine chuggers The Axemen will be headlining this weekend's NGL "Polka Before the Apocalypse" festival. To celebrate, we offer our first ever (and probably last) split label release. It is called 'The Nutsacker Suite' and it's catalogue number is Sleek Bott/NGL1.

You get a live @ WMFU track on the a-side entitled "Nutsack" that stammers w/ a stoned 70's hard rock feel, and a B-side called "Nutshack (Redemption Song)" that sounds like it's from another planet. Well, I 'spose Christchurch kinda is! 300 copies, hand-coloured artwork (by the band, not me).


I will have under 100 copies of this record, so direct orders are limited to Australian customers & stores only. The rest of the planet can score it from Easter Bilby records or the band themselves shortly.

Finally, to cap off this post-heavy day and put my filthy fingers (I am back at the fertilizer plant, see?!) to rest, here are some recent reviews from the estimable Siltblog from our recent catalogue, penned by Mr. Gourmet himelf, Roland S. Woodbe.

It has been an age since I last heard from Lester 'Ding Dong' Dell but he ain't lost a lick of his limerick genius.The thing about ol Ding Dong is this; he's much more fun to read than to hear. 'Cause he also SPEAKS in limerick form all the time too. So when I says he's a genius, I'm bein nice is all. That's how he's wired. Can't help it. Same as a retard. It's a fine line I'm told. Anyways, enjoy:

Degreaser-Bottom Feeder lp (NGL)
Degreaser's got one in the can
Who amongst us is not yet a fan?
It weaves & it bobs
As it rectally robs
A young Sea Scout from being a man

Low Life 'Sydney Darbs' - Can't say I's found no duds yet, but it did take me a minute to wrap my nog around Low Life's 'Sydney Darbs' ep. There was somethin sticky in the mix that hinted at Box Of Fish residue, but overall it moves along in very driven & dark tones what fantastically transported me back to the streets of London, circa 1982. There I tailed these 3 blokes whiles they's whispered sweet nothings into ears at Illuminated & Small Wonder, only to surrender the goods over a parsnip bundt cake (w/vegemite icing, yum) at the Crass compound. Makes sense. Shit, after all that imaginary walkin, even I was peckish! Dig this & all manner've Aussie product at;

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