Thursday, December 22, 2011

WET SPOTS, CLAMMY THIGHS....Tough Troubles 'Romances' CS40

Here is a pic of what will be our next, and hopefully last, cassette release on Negative Guest List records. It is called 'Romances' and it is by the excellent UK/Oz new-wave raiders, Tough Troubles. A concept album about the many forms and facets of romances, this long overdue release follows the group's debut full length 'Diseases', on their own Geneva Lake records imprint. The Tough Troubles feature members of the perennially underrated NGL recording artists Eagle Boys. The music imagines a marriage of Throbbing Gristle w/ Human League. The cassette will be available for purchase shortly.

Don't forget that we have some new 7"s available:

NGL021: BLANK REALM 'Falling Down the Stairs' 7"
Blank Realm's first full length 7" (following their one-sided induction into our Jukebox Singles Club) sees them fire up an arcane, acoustic take on the much-loved NZ skewered pop sound on A-side. B-side "Exile in the Terrarium" plugs in the electric guitar for an elongated trip into psych/rock miasma, somewhere between Michael Yonkers and White Heaven.

NGL022: WATERY LOVE 'Two Thrills' 7"

Third single from this upper echelon American Band. The A-side is a pounding, piercing Cramps cover; flip it and you get the rambling live favorite "A Condom". Pressed at 33RPM to facilitate Watery Love's lovingly long winded groove.

Image of  THE LOST DOMAIN 'Drunken Sailor' 7"

NGL023: THE LOST DOMAIN 'Drunken Sailor' 7"
A companion piece to the recent reissue of 'Blondes Chew More Gum', these recordings are from 1999 and welcome Jeffrey "the Professor" Wegner into the Empire. A burly, skronky take on traditional "What Would You do With a Drunken Sailor" and an immortal piece of clatter/shimmer entitled "Pool".

NGL024: 3 TOED SLOTH 'I Didn't Know I Loved You ('til I Saw You Rock 'n' Roll) Jukebox Single #2 7"
The second entry into our Jukebox Single series comes courtesy of NSW's favorite forgotten sons, 3 Toed Sloth. Recently remastered recordings from the early 90's (from the same sessions as their recent 'Against the Odds' 2x7" on the fantastic Unwucht records, w/ Gary Glitter and Pere Ubu covered to a typically grouse effect: the theatrics of the originals reduced to 2 minute primal Australian grunt.

NGL/SLEEK BOTT 1: AXEMEN 'The Nutcracker Suite' 7"
This December Australia has the Axemen live experience to look forward to. To celebrate, NGL has partnered w/ Axeman "Little" Steve McCabe's Sleek Bott imprint to release this Oz tour 7". You get a live @ WMFU track on the a-side entitled "Nutsack" that stammers w/ a positively fried post-70's hard rock feel, and a B-side called "Nutshack (Redemption Song)" that sounds like it's from another planet. Well, I 'spose Christchurch kinda is! 300 copies.


NGL004: KITCHEN'S FLOOR 'Too Dead To Notice' C20
NGL012: LOW LIFE 'Sydney Darbs' 7”EP
NGL013: UNHOLY 2 '$$kum of the Earth' LP
NGL016: THOMAS JEFFERSON SLAVE APTS. 'Burning Trash b/w Price of My Words' 7”
NGL017: EAGLE BOYS 'Kambalda Boys' 7”EP
NGL019: DEGREASER 'Bottom Feeder' LP
NGL020: THE LOST DOMAIN 'Blondes Chew More Gum' 2xLP


NGL014: TOUGH TROUBLES 'Romances' C40 (Jan 2012)

NGL027: SKY NEEDLE 'Rave Cave' LP
NGL029: MAD NANNA 'I Made Blood Better' LP


KITCHEN'S FLOOR 'Look Forward to Nothing' LP/WATERY LOVE 'Die With Dignity' 7” (Siltbreeze)
TACO LEG 'Printed Gold' 7” (Richie/Testostertunes)
STARE CASE 'Lose Today' LP (De Stijl)
'Overdosing In Repblican World #1' Fanzine COMING SOON

All order inquiries should still come thru to dirtyalley @ msn . com

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